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FOOD: Macaroni & Cheese, Chocolate, Green Beans, Chicken
BEVERAGE: Water RESTAURANT: Ponderosa, Pasta House
FAST FOOD: Taco Bell APPLIANCE: I'm supposed to go in the kitchen??
COLOR: I enjoy them all. NUMBER: ??? Who said I could count properly?
CLOTHING: Cargo pants/shorts, Mickey Mouse T-shirts, and my Hiking Boots.
SPORT: Professional Child Wrangling - "I'm not an amateur any longer!" :+)
TREE: Trying to make a TreeSprite choose, no fair! If I have to pick one - Oak.
FLOWER: Flowers that haven't been picked, or that I don't have to sniff.
MONTH: Any month where I'm not freezing or sweating. DAY: Today HOLIDAY: Everyday is Holy
The long answer: The seasons of my life have been filled with a multitude of memories, joys, trials, and learning experiences. To give one season more importance than another is near impossible for me to do.
The short answer: All of them... as long as I can get out and play.
BOARD GAME: Trivial Pursuit - Walt Disney Edition, Sorry - Walt Disney Edition, Othello, and Chess
Docking Station, Creatures, Creatures3, Warcraft II, and Stronghold (the FIRST one - by SSI) I know... the graphics kind of suck, but the game concept is really good! *UPDATE - I've seen the strategy guide for the NEW Stronghold, and I'm thinking about getting it. I'm also thinking about getting Warcraft III. The problem is, as my Grandmother might say, I think I'm "Wishing in one hand and spitting in the other."
CARD GAME: Spellfire SOFTWARE: The Palace MAGAZINE: Readers Digest
COMIC STRIP: Family Circus, Rose is Rose, and For Better or Worse.
BOOK: Anything I find that I think I might like. Usually, fantasy, sci-fi, or mystery.
"The Little Match Girl", and "The Story of a Mother", from "Andersen's Fairy Tales" by Hans Christian Andersen. The first I loved as a child because the little girl was given her greatest wish, and the second I have only come to fully understand, and appreciate since becoming a mother myself.
MUSICAL: Sound of Music SONG: Whatever is on the WinAmp player. MOVIE: Toy Story
QUOTE FROM A MOVIE: "Yeah, well your Mickey Mouse is a big stupid dope!" - Enemy Mine
I don't have regular TV, but I got over a hundred satelite channels, and there STILL isn't anything on! I get the national feed for CBS, and when I remember it's on, I like to watch C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation. William J. Petersen, the guy who plays Grissom is so gorgeous! My husband and I have recently found that we like the new USA original series' Monk, and Dead Zone.
"There is only one Mojo Jojo, and one is the number of Mojo Jojo's. I am the only Mojo Jojo, and since I am Mojo Jojo, therefore you can not be Mojo Jojo." - Or similar rant by Mojo Jojo. - Power Puff Girls
In my chair with Buttercup the Basset Hound on my feet, Heather Grey the cat on the arm of the chair, my husband snuggled at my side, and the children in a semi circle facing us while we all read/listen together.