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To Ken Wallace,

Because you seem to appreciate my work more than anyone else. You also have been my main encouragement to continue writing and expressing my feelings. Thank you for being my friend, confidante, and counselor! Your love and caring are greatly appreciated, and I will never forget how much having you as a friend has enriched my life!

Love and Light to you Ken,
Arleen Charles


Hi all! I've typed up my poetry in the following pages at the request of extended family members, and internet friends. Many of you have heard, or read a few of my poems, and I guess I must admit that you seem to have liked the ones you've been exposed to. I'm not saying you're going to like them all, and I rather think you may not even like the majority. In any case, enjoy what you can, and just be kind and don't tell me when you can't stand the rest! :+)


I have placed this content warning here because poetry is an expression of emotion, and this poetry is an expression of the emotions of an adult. Though my poetry doesn't contain any profanity, or adult content I would strongly urge any parent to read the material before allowing their children under thirteen to view it. If you are under thirteen please ask your family, or another adult that you trust, to view the contents before you undertake to read it yourself. If you are an adult being asked to view this content, I'd like to thank you for taking an active role in monitoring and guiding the internet browsing of children in your life. It is only with our help and guidance that they can grow, and it is our responsibility to ensure their safety and well being while they use the information superhighway.