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  Why Sprite?

Whenever I meet people online, I am invariably asked:
"What is a Sprite?",
"Why do you call yourself Sprite when your avatar is a fairy?",
"A fairy huh? So... are you gay or something?", or
"So, you like to drink Sprite huh?"

The fact is that chose the handle Sprite for several reasons.
1.) Sprites are known as little people.
2.) Sprites are mischievous creatures.
3.) The image of a Sprite is generally one of innocence, and a childlike beauty.
4.) Sprites were known to be the caretakers of the forests in which they lived.

All of these things are the essence of who I am. The fates seemed determined that I should be quite short. I have always been mischievous and childlike. While growing up I recall many times hearing, "Oh, look! Isn't that little girl adorable!" And finally, I have always loved nature.

I call myself Sprite, because to me they represent the better half of this world, the children. The children remind us daily that life is more than just work, politics, and money. Children best appreciate the small joys of the world; a ladybug on a pretty flower, the pure enjoyment of the wind in your hair, the feeling of accomplishment after climbing the highest tree, the fuzziness of a bunny rabbit, jumping from puddle to puddle in the rain, watching tadpoles turn into frogs, chasing the dog through the snow, and the dangers of hunting a snake just to see if you can catch it.

These are the things we best remember as children, because we enjoyed them the most. It is these things that we want our children to be able to enjoy, and the only way for that to happen is to work to preserve the small pockets of nature that we have remaining. The children know that preservation of our natural resources is the most important thing that we should do, and like the Sprites, they love this world, and they want to keep it healthy, and clean, and friendly for all creatures. I wear a Sprite to remind myself, and others of the wisdom of children.

Ok, so where did TreeSprite come in?

I love trees, and I especially love my Ornamental Pear. I planted it myself seventeen years ago, and it is now around thirty feet tall - rather tall for an ornamental pear. Many guests to my property have exclaimed, "It has the most beautiful shape! Who tends it for you?" I tell them, and quite a few people look at me like I'm nuts after I tell them this, "I planted it, and I feel a kinship to it. The trimming of the tree is a special once a year event. I meditate for an hour before ever approaching the tree to trim it, and I spend time looking at the tree to see what limbs I think should come down or be trimmed. I then ask the tree for permission to trim said limb, and I know whether or not I have its permission." I alone am responsible for shaping and trimming it, and I have NEVER let anyone trim it other than myself. This amazes my family & friends since in September of 2001 I got whacked in the face with a four-inch diameter limb I was trimming. Needless to say it immediately broke my nose...but I digress.

I actually started out on the net in Palace chat rooms as Sprite. But, when I decided to make a website on Geocities, I found out that Sprite was already taken. I asked my friends what I should try for a username, and Brayen, the kids' Godfather, offered TreeSprite. When I asked him why he said this was for two reasons; I always hung out in this chat room where I could sit on a rock under a tree, and because I also love hanging out in real life under my own ornamental pear tree. He said, "I've never seen anyone else take such good care of their trees, and especially that pear tree of yours! Since then I've been TreeSprite.