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Posted on Friday, January 03 2003 at 05:15:57 PM by TreeSprite
URGH! Sorry, didn't mean to not post for so long!

05:15:57 PM
I've just been busy with the kids over the holidays. We've had loads of fun putting together, and playing with the Harry Potter Lego's that we got for Christmas. We've also had great fun playing with the rest of our toys.

We all loved our gifts from Dan/Brayen. He gave the kids all a stuffed Hamtaro toy. K.C. got a Bijou, and the boys got Hamtaro. We enjoyed watching the Hamtaro video as well. I love that show, it's so cute! Garrel has been obsessed with his Metroid Fusion game, and I've had a ball revisiting The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I can't wait to make sure someone else gets the game so I can play Four Swords! You can't play it unless you have a link cable, and someone else has the game too. :( But the other game is fun, so I'll live for the time being.

In other news...

The kids are back to school now. They brought me home their report cards, and they've all improved their grades. I was rather impressed! Only one C in the whole lot, all the rest were A's and B's! YAY!

I can't wait for them to get done with their homework. I got a package today! It's the Lego's we ordered! Now we have all the Harry Potter sets! We have to repair the ones the dog knocked over... stupid dog! And then we can put together the new ones. The husband is dying to make the modifications to the Hogwarts Express, and get it to run on our train tracks! Yeah, that's right. We never did get ALL the Lego's put up. Maybe this weekend we will. I hope so! I guess we were just too busy playing with Harry Potter Lego Creator, and Lego Loco, and Lego Island 2, and all our video games!

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