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Posted on Monday, January 06 2003 at 08:15:25 AM by TreeSprite
Oh boy, what a day already!

08:15:25 AM
Husband is home sick... but that's not why today is sucking cheese already. Nope, the reason this day sucks cheese already is that I got up late, got the kids up late, the pharmacy wasn't open so I couldn't get my son's prescription filled, I had to drive the kids to school, and later I have to take Mother's boxer to the vet.

The part about the boxer is the worst. I don't know what's wrong with LadyBug, but she's just not doing so well. She's an old dog... don't ask how old, because we don't know. My mother got her in a weird sort of way. I guess this means I should tell the whole story huh?

Well, to start off in the best way I know how, I have to say that my brother loves Boxers. He has ever since we moved here, and ended up across the street from some people who bred Boxers. Colin fell in love with the neighbor's dogs, so of course when the neighbor's dogs had their next litters of pups he had to have one. He has had Boxers ever since. He makes a habit of rescuing Boxers from the local pounds and shelters as well, and it's this habit of his that landed my mother with LadyBug.

Oh... hang on... got something pressing that won't wait. I'll write the rest later!

08:32:02 AM
Hey look! I fixed it! The journal is going in reverse post order now so that the most recent day of post shows up first, but the posts are in time order! Isn't that neat? Ok, I'll admit that the problems I had with it, though they weren't due to my lack of understanding of the program, were still due to stupidity.

I wrote Fahim Farook the author of Blog (the Blog posting interface I'm using), and the man actually wrote me back can you believe it??? Freeware, and he wrote me back! I like this guy! Well anyway, what he told me basically is that some of the things I wanted to do weren't actually possible. The biggest problem though... that of the posting order, was possible... I just didn't have the newest version of the software. He also went on to say, "You have certainly added quite a lot of 'tentative' features to the next release of Blog." Cool huh?

Ok, back to my urgent stuff. Really, I'll finish the story as soon as I can...

06:19:40 PM
Ok, so back to my story...        
07:08:55 PM
It dawned on me later that I suppose many of you might be wondering about how LadyBug's visit to the vet went. Well, actually, it went rather well despite the news we got. LadyBug has apparently had a stroke, but it was mild. Dr. St. Ledger gave us some pills for her to take, and I'm glad to report that my mother called me after giving her the pills, and LadyBug is doing much better already! Mom said she seems to be back to her old self again! YAY!

Posted on Wednesday, January 08 2003 at 12:21:45 PM by TreeSprite
Family Emergency!

12:21:45 PM
I found out that my Sister-in-law Briana Etain MacKorkhill is in the hospital this morning. I was immediately alarmed when my husband got an email, and as he wasn't home, I opened it. I don't normally bother his mail, but I'm glad I did this time! I called him at work to give him the news, and then told him I was going to call everyone else in the family to let them know as well. I certainly hope that Bri starts to feel better quite soon!

Posted on Thursday, January 09 2003 at 12:47:08 PM by TreeSprite
Briana feels better, YAY!

12:47:08 PM
Well, we have talked with my Brother-in Law Modar Neznanich and he informs us that his wife Bri is doing much better! I'm much relieved over this. Excuse me... I am corrected by Corwyn. Thank you husband! :)... He informs me that he actually got to speak with Bri himself, and he says that he is happy to report that she sounds as lovely as ever. Lady Briana is a most wonderful person, and she was the most gracious host when we visited with them several years ago in Kansas. I will never forget how warmly we were welcomed! They absolutely "Ooh-ed! and "Aaah-ed!" over their niece too! It was a most wonderful visit, and I now love them very much! :D

Posted on Friday, January 10 2003 at 01:06:00 PM by TreeSprite
I knew I wouldn't make it until dawn so I sat down to wait under the pole light...

01:06:00 PM
I was emailing Frimlin this morning, and I was telling him that I am quite jealous of the snow that he's complaining about. I said, "If it's going to be so cold you'd think mother nature would have the decency of allowing us the beauty of the snow and ice to go along with it." Then right in the middle of my own rant about how mother nature wasn't providing me with any beauty this winter, I remembered what I saw early this morning. Ooooh... I wish I'd had the camera with me, but it seems like every time this happens, you never have one in hand, and you just know if you go to get it everything will be gone before you get back! Has anyone reading this ever seen a frozen fog?

.... .... ... Ok, well no one's answering, so I'll assume that either you think I'm nuts now, or you haven't seen it, or both! If you have, sit back and enjoy the telling and remember your own magical moment with nature, ok?


Posted on Saturday, January 11 2003 at 08:38:49 PM by TreeSprite
If it's not one thing it's another.

08:38:49 PM
First the news that LadyBug's had a stroke, and then a scare with Bri in the hospital, and now this. Corwyn has just received news that his aunt and uncle were killed instantly in a car wreck. This week isn't turning out to be a good one for his family.
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