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Posted on Thursday, January 23 2003 at 01:47:10 PM by TreeSprite
Oh, look! My bad! Must post more, must post more, must post more!

01:47:10 PM
Hi everyone! I'm posting! YAY!

I have the kids home with me today. They don't have school, it snowed last night... though not very much, but the current temperature here in our little corner of Illinois is a balmy 7 and check this out... We are under a Tornado Watch until 3:00 p.m.!! Is that nuts or what?

03:01:32 PM
Ok, so I apparently wasn't suffering from lunacy... Yes, we WERE under a Tornado Watch. I was scratching my head over the watch though as the day was clear, and so was the local radar! I discovered a bit later that the Tornado Watch was a TEST by the National Weather Service. Nice of the idiots at weather.com to not inform me of it until nearly the last minute! The first alert said nothing whatever of a TEST!!!! I must say though that altogether, the web alert program works properly if I was even informed of a TEST alert! If anyone is interested in having the best little (emphasis on little - this program is one of the least resource hogging of the weather alert programs available on the net) freeware weather alert program I've found, just go to The Weather Channel and sign up for and then download Desktop Weather.

Posted on Saturday, January 25 2003 at 02:30:37 PM by TreeSprite
This is a back post because I couldn't post on Saturday...

02:30:37 PM
My computer's power supply gave out after six years of nearly constant use, and when it went down, it took my C:\ drive with it. I only found this out after I replaced the power supply. I was extremely happy that I'm a tech, and happened to have a spare power supply hanging around the house. That brand new case over there looks a little funny without a supply, but who cares?! Of course I can't say I'm surprised too much that the C:\ drive went, as at the time the machine powered off I was writing a CD. Imagine it, 650 megs worth of data dumped from the ram onto the C:\ drive... and boy did it splat when it hit! There was little left that was recognizable, and even that may have been compromised. My task Saturday was clear. Reformat the hard drive, and reinstall the OS, while thanking the powers that be all the while that it wasn't worse. I would really have been peeved if I had to spend a ton of money to get back up and running.
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