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Posted on Monday, February 10 2003 at 08:14:21 AM by TreeSprite
Snow Day!

08:14:21 AM
I think I don't like snow. Snow makes it so the kids get to stay home from school. It's funny you know... I miss them at the beginning of the school year because they aren't home anymore. Later when I've gotten used to them being gone I'd rather they weren't here at all. Having them home when they aren't supposed to be really puts a kink in my plans.

Not that I wouldn't have had at least one of them home anyway. My daughter is sick. The poor child is miserable too. She has a sore throat, her ears and nose are stuffy, and she has been barfing. I was going to take her to the doctors today, but the weather stinks. I'm not sure taking an hour drive to Evansville is a good idea. Right now I'm waiting for nine to roll around so I can call the pediatrician's office. I'm hoping the doctor will say he can call something in to the pharmacy in town for her.

In other news...

Posted on Saturday, February 15 2003 at 02:49:18 PM by TreeSprite
What a busy day!

02:49:18 PM
I spent the morning installing Windows XP Home on the computer I built this week. What a pain that was! I spent a bit of time swearing at the setup for XP because it wouldn't partition and format the hard drive the way I wanted. I got fed up with it, and just yanked the XP Home CD out of the drive, and then got an old Win98 boot disk and used the Fdisk program from it to format and partition the drive. GRRR! I don't care for XP Home in case you can't tell.

Then I went to Honey & Susan's to show off my Valentines Day presents. When I got there they "ooohhh-ed" and "aaahhhh-ed" appropriately over both my wonderful husband and my three pairs of diamond earrings. Then they showed me what they'd been doing all morning. They'd been filling the house with the art they've collected recently. The whole house is a showcase for all the art! It's very nice, and highly interesting! I especially liked seeing the portraits of Honey's family members that Susan's mother had done.

Sue's "mum" is an extraordinary lady! I got the opportunity to meet her this summer, and to see her do several portraits live. Mrs. Smily was actually commissioned to do a portrait of Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother for Her Majesty's 96th birthday, which is now on display in Clarence House, London.

After I left Honey & Sue, I went to Jay's. Jay is my rocket scientist friend. He was in need of a bit of help with his son (and also my friend) Mike's computer. Mike's machine at last notice had apparently had multiple problems, which seemed to have started with his subscription to AT&T internet. Mike will be quick to tell you that he dislikes AT&T now, and likely won't ever go there for internet service again. In any case by the time I left Jay's house I was cold, hungry, and exhausted! I never did get Mike's machine finished, but I suppose that I have a little bit of time to get at it again.

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