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Posted on Sunday, February 16 2003 at 02:43:03 PM by TreeSprite
Oh the weather outside is frightful...

02:43:03 PM
It's so frightful that I had a horrible nightmare last night about being trapped due to the bad weather. The incessant tink plink of the ice pellets on the roof and windows must have been driving me mad even in my sleep! I woke up feeling very nervous, and extremely hemmed in. I've got the stuck inside in bad weather heebie jeebies. I wouldn't even let the kids watch "Batman" this morning because I couldn't take the dark depressing music.

Posted on Monday, February 17 2003 at 08:04:48 AM by TreeSprite
I'm soo embarassed!

08:04:48 AM
The lady I was building a computer for stopped by yesterday... I was not having the best of days. I had a migraine, and she had stopped by to pick up her computer. I feel badly that she couldn't, but in my own defense, I DID have a migraine. Besides which she told me she wouldn't be free until Thursday, and I just didn't bother to finish it right away when she told me that. I don't think she's mad, but I'm betting she's at least annoyed.

Posted on Wednesday, February 19 2003 at 02:04:26 PM by TreeSprite

02:04:26 PM
MIGRAINE FROM HELL! Going to the hospital. Need pain shot... going to DIE!
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