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Posted on Tuesday, March 18 2003 at 10:08:44 AM by TreeSprite
It's hard to believe that it's been 13 years.

10:08:44 AM
On this day 13 years ago my life changed in ways I never thought possible. I was shown in the most dramatic and heart wrenching way possible that no matter what's been done to you in the past, no matter how hard life has been, no matter how empty you are because you've lost hope, that God will step in and make his presence known in your life.


I was traveling down the long and lonely road of life.
I had no purpose or reason to my path.
I was running from the truth of life around me,
And I tried to escape by moving very fast.
The faster I went, more quickly it caught up with me.
Soon the end was near, and little time for turning back,
But the Lord stepped in and spared me from the tradgedy.
He turned my life around, and put me back on track.

The Lord has a reason for everything he does in life.
He has a purpose for everything that happens here.
We don't always understand, but we who love him know it's right
To put our lives in his hands so he can lead the way.

I gave him my life, and He said He'd always stay with me.
I prayed, "Lord show me the way, you know I want to do what's right.
Lord give me direction. Show me what you want to do with me.
I need to know that there's a purpose for my life."
He answered my prayer, and showed me I had a job to do.
He gave me courage and strength so I could do it well.
That night He proved to me that He's here, and that He is alive.
It gave me peace when He showed this through his work.

Jeffrey Dean Davenport

In loving memory of Jeff Davenport, who touched my life in ways that most wouldn't understand. I love you Jeff, and I'll never forget you.

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