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Posted on Monday, March 24 2003 at 09:44:38 AM by TreeSprite
Whew! I'm glad that's over!

09:44:38 AM
Well, the kids are back at school! Thank heavens! I was glad to see them go this morning!

I had told the husband just a day or two before Spring Break started that I was getting bored at home by myself, and that I was looking forward to seeing the children home for the summer. ACK! I've changed my mind. They drove me crazy! I didn't realize how used to having free time I was. You know, quiet time. Time without arguments from children who don't get along with one another. Time without boys tussling in the back yard over a toy. Time without all the loud fun play in the back yard. Time without the high pitched piercing girly scream of, "BUBBY! GET OUT OF MY ROOOOOM!"

Posted on Tuesday, March 25 2003 at 08:40:58 AM by TreeSprite
Poor Mr. Hairy...

08:40:58 AM
Just before Spring Break, my youngest son came home from first grade with his newest present for Mom. I was presented with a styrofoam cup that had a smiley face pictured on it with a fuzzy cotton ball beard. It was crammed to the rim with dirt, and the smiley face's hair was a nice new growth of bright green grass. Just what every kid should make his mother for a present to show how much she's loved! Just what every mother with allergies to grass would LOVE to have in the house! Of course, I was pleased to have "Mr. Hairy" as a new member of the household. I told my son that Mr. Hairy could stay inside for a week or two, but that after that we'd have to transplant him and his hair outside. Little did I know what would happen to poor Mr. Hairy to change what I'd promised, and planned on...

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