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Posted on Thursday, August 21 2003 at 01:47:07 PM by TreeSprite
Wow! It's Really been a Long Time...

01:47:07 PM
Well, it seems that I've been motivated by more than one circumstance, and more than one person in my life to renew my postings to this journal. For quite a while there I rather viewed it as a nasty thing that deprived me of my privacy. I'm naturally made as a private person. Funny that since I so love to talk with people and share my viewpoints with them. I guess I'm just selective as to how much I tell, and how much I'm willing to share with each individual. As this is shared with the world at large, it makes me rather uncomfortable to really give a lot of detail at times.

Posted on Friday, August 22 2003 at 01:28:05 PM by TreeSprite
Hee Hee! I won! I won!

01:28:05 PM
Aren't auctions just fun? I mean you look at all the stuff, you see something you'd like to have, and then you go at it warring with the masses that like you have decided that they want exactly what you want. As with everything sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. This time, I won! Of course, with online auctions you still have to wait until you get the item in the mail.

I hate waiting.

If you'd like to know what it was, tough. I'm not telling until I get it. However, I will say this... it's a book.

I've been obsessed with collecting books of late, but none more than this one. This one I have collected more for myself than for other family members as has been the case lately. I must admit that it's been a joy to me to snatch up hardback editions of all of the books I read as a child. My parents didn't have the money to get me all of the hard bound editions of books that I would have liked as a child. Of course I rather doubt that anyone but the richest of parents could have. I remember reading all of the books in the children's library when I was a child, and I would have loved to have them all! =)

Yes, I was one of those kids! No one really seemed to like me. Many delighted in beating me up, and so I was happy to spend all of my spare time in a tree reading books. I would read several books a day, and then forget the time until I was straining to see in the twilight, and have to risk my neck racing home to be home before dark. Some of the kids knew this of course, and would take advantage of the opportunity to both beat me to a pulp, and get me into trouble! But I digress... I was talking about books wasn't I?

I've been reading since I was three, and I have loved books ever since. To not care for a book, or not have a book collection is just foreign to me. There's just something about words that fascinates me. Letters, and words go far beyond the basic premise for which they were created. They give more than simple descriptions of our surroundings as they were intended. In fact, words, when given to the proper word sculptor can take the reader or listener to places where they have never physically traveled, to worlds of which they had never dared to dream, and to spiritual understanding the likes of which they might never have attained had some fellow loving soul not lent them - through their tales - the worlds to which they have been and the experiences to which they have been exposed. Words have been transformed by the tales that are told with them into something more precious to human existence than the gold with which we vainly adorn ourselves.

I treasure those tales which have been given to me in my childhood. Those that I remember best are often the ones that brought me closer to understanding my self, my passions, my close relationships, and the world around me. I want to treasure and share those with my children, and my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren. My children and my grandchildren will know my love of books. And maybe, just maybe, through the library I build now of treasured books filled with the stories of childhood memories they will come to know me, and know my soul and feel my presence even when I'm not there.

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