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Posted on Monday, August 25 2003 at 09:08:46 AM by TreeSprite
It's Here! It's Here!

09:08:46 AM
Yahoo! Now I have the complete set! *Dances around with happiness!*

Oh.... uh..... um.... I was practicing for a part in a play... Yeah! That's it! A part in a play....

Oh, Ok! Really I'm bouncing around with glee because I just got the last book to complete my set of the Recluce novels by L. E. Modesitt Jr. They're really great! =) Of course I couldn't afford them for the longest. Ok, so I still really couldn't afford them at all. Oh well, I bought them anyway! And boy am I glad I did!

Here's what's really cool... They are totally expensive to get hold of. The first and second books in the series are priced at over a hundred dollars each online. Talk about nuts! Except for this last one (the second in the series and ever so hard to find!) which I paid $54.50 for, I paid less than thirty dollars apiece for all of them. They are all in excellent condition, none of them are ex-library, all are first editions, and four of them are signed by the author! It's soooo coool! =)

I'm so happy!
Can you tell?

Posted on Tuesday, August 26 2003 at 08:33:10 AM by TreeSprite
When Pigs Fly!

08:33:10 AM
Brayen is coming to visit! He'll be here at 8:45! He'll be here at 8:45! If he doesn't get lost in the airport and get on the wrong plane... or lost going to the airport...

You know he's really good at this getting lost stuff. I don't even think he has to try hard. Heh, heh, heh... You know just a few days ago he told me he went out to give blood. I said, "Oh, hey, that's very nice! Are you resting now and taking care of yourself for the day?" He says, "No, I never got to give blood. I couldn't find the church where I was supposed to go and give blood. They gave me directions, but I think they were wrong. I found the street, but I couldn't find the church!" LOL! "Hey Brayen, here's a clue... The church is that nice pretty building with the steeple!

Posted on Wednesday, August 27 2003 at 11:54:00 AM by TreeSprite
And the most horrifying thought?

11:54:00 AM
Most people just start stuffing files in the My Documents folder carelessly without sorting it, and then a few months down the road when they look in the folder they can't find a darn thing they are looking for. Even being a consultant who helps people with computer problems isn't immune to this sort of "I'll do it later" phenomenon, and my folder is just as messy as the next person's. Which is why it's not everyday that you sit down at your computer to "organize" your files a bit, let alone hearing about someone who did.

Well brace yourselves. I sat down at the computer to organize my files! ;) What I didn't bargain for was how much organizing needed to be done! OY! Where to start?

Well, I decided to start with that unsorted, unchecked, and partially unidentifiable folder full of mp3's. Mind you that this folder, when I started out cleaning this morning had 1113 items at 4.5 Gig in it! A lot of them are copies of files in the folder already under slightly different names, or files that I already have in my neatly sorted and properly appointed 2.3Gig of mp3's in my media folder. Some of them are also tracks that I would never listen to in a million years, as well as ones that I wouldn't let the kids listen to in a million years - even if I might - because of the profanity.

I got them all from several different sources. When I consult with someone to help them with their computer woes, and they are a college student who can't afford to pay me much, I usually let them feel better and pay me by burning all of their mp3 files onto a CD or two for me. This is great for getting popular music mp3's by the way! It's particularly nice in that I don't have to spend the untold hours online actually waiting for all of the files to download! =) Unfortunately it also means that I have to go through them all, and ensure that they are really what they are labeled to be, and that they are properly named, because, believe it or not, I'm anal about wanting to know what I'm listening to, and seeing that the artists are properly named and credited.

Well, suffice to say I started at the bottom of all this mess. ZZ Top seemed like a good place to start. They are a great band, I was in the mood to listen to the music, and it certainly doesn't hurt to be in the mood to start wading through a mess of files. I didn't get far before I was shaking my head and laughing at the file names. I found "zzstop - gime all your lovin", "Leggs" (with two g's? O.o), "Shark dress man", and (the one that finally had me in laughter so hard that tears were rolling down my now red and oxygen deprived face!) "Tube Steak Boogie!"

Tube Steak Boogie? Tube Steak Boogie? OMG! Spare me from the misspellings of idiots! *gasp* Please!?! I may die of laughter if this keeps up... And the most horrifying thought? There's still 4 gig to go!

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