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Posted on Sunday, September 14 2003 at 09:56:32 AM by TreeSprite
Well I'm awake, but boy am I tired.

09:56:32 AM
I don't recall having a day so busy with activity as yesterday having happened in years. I feel that I've found muscles in my body that haven't been used in ages, and they are all complaining this morning! I'm also not breathing well. I used my flow meter this morning and I'm still in the yellow. I think that next time we go for some activities I shall have to keep my inhaler closer and use it before I start enjoying activities with the scouts. Of course I'm not complaining. Physical activity is good, and perhaps I'll lose that 15 pounds that Dr. Scott wants me to lose. =) I'm betting that if the boys stay as active as they were last night that I'll lose more than fifteen pounds. =)

Posted on Tuesday, September 16 2003 at 11:17:09 AM by TreeSprite
Just What Everyone Dreads...

11:17:09 AM
Yes, you heard me, I met face to face with a day everyone dreads. The day you have to go to the Principals Office at the local school and discuss with the principal about your displeasure with one of the teachers, and try to work out a way to help the teacher & school help your child. I can tell you that I dreaded the thought the whole way there. I ran over all I wanted to discuss in my head while I was showering, and then contemplated some more on exactly what I wanted to say, and what issues needed to be addressed. I was well prepared. I even had a copy of a letter requesting a case study evaluation ready to hand to the man. I was totally prepared for the worst.

Then I arrived and walked in, and the man flabbergasted me by being so surprisingly straight forward, helpful, and understanding. I like this Mr. Sutton, and I feel that he really has the best interests of the children at the school in mind. He gives this air of confidence in that he knows what he's doing, and what to expect of all the students, and the teachers. He handled the conversation and mediation between myself and Magic's teacher Mrs. Schmittler very well! I was amazed at the extent to which he went to ensure that my every issue, as well as the Teachers was addressed. He is an asset to the community, and especially to the students at the school. I'm glad he was there to help.

Posted on Wednesday, September 17 2003 at 02:25:19 PM by TreeSprite
Darkness, blessed darkness!

02:25:19 PM
Otherwise entitled "In which TreeSprite crawls away from the computer whining because the light from the monitor is too bright, grabs the Advil Migraine, crawls back into bed to hide, and prays that the pain recedes quickly."

Nuff said.

Posted on Friday, September 19 2003 at 02:54:54 PM by TreeSprite
Life is sooo Hectic!

02:54:54 PM
Magic has had a ton of homework to finish this week, and I've got a damned migraine still. I think this weekend isn't going to turn out as nicely as planned, nor is it going to be easy to get anything done. Thank God for pain killers!
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